While the holidays can be an exciting time with friends and family, those living with cancer may worry about the extra energy that holiday activities typically include. They may find that their energy is often times low as a result of their treatments, making it more difficult to engage in numerous gatherings. This holiday season, here are some ways that you can help family and friends who are battling cancer.

Make Their Home Festive
Hanging decorations both inside and outside of the house can help lift their spirits for the holiday season. With your assistance, they can make their home as festive as they would like. While it may seem like a small favor to one, this simple gesture can help a cancer patient.

Help With Holiday Shopping
Part of the holiday season is completing a variety of major shopping, from food for specialized dinner plates to gift for close family and friends. The process of going out and fighting the significant crowds can be dangerous during treatment, as many cancer treatments can affect the immune system. By helping them to shop online, or picking up the order from a store, you can not only reduce their stress but can also reduce the risk of them acquiring any sickness from big crowds.

Help With Home Chores
Maintaining a home is something that requires consistency, and many cancer patients find that they do not have the energy to complete. For example, the process of vacuuming an entire home can be overwhelmingly difficult, especially if the vacuum is on the heavier side. By coming to help with chores, you are helping to freshen up the place, which can make them more comfortable when resting.

Help With Any Overdue Household Issues
Is there a pipe that has been leaking that you can assist with? Bring over a couple of tools and offer to help with any minor home repairs. Like helping with household chores, you are helping the cancer patient to feel comfortable and more relaxed in their home, which can help promote better rest.

While these are only a couple of examples of ways to help any friends or family fighting cancer, there are countless other ways to help them this holiday season. Something as simple as spending time with them can help distract them from the stress of cancer.