Being diagnosed with cancer is a life-altering battle. Not just for those who are diagnosed, but for their loved ones as well. A lot of times, you can feel lost and unsure of how to help someone you care about go through cancer. From the initial diagnosis to treatment to life after cancer, it be hard finding a way to support them. But there are many ways to help your loved one through this battle:


Be there for them

Taking the time to be there for them is as simple and complicated as it sounds. This can range from holding their hand while getting treatment or helping them carry on through life as normally as possible. At times, it’s hard to find the right words to say to them. The best way to show you’re going to be there for them is to listen and care. Instead of trying to find the right words to say, offer them emotional and social support so they can have someone to be themselves around.

If emotional support is hard to give, there are other ways to help them. If you’re a good cook, make them a meal. If you’re an organizer, help them keep things in order. By playing to your own strengths, you can find the best way to support them. Even giving them a loving gift or card to let them know you’ll be there for them has the power to give them strength and support.


Discuss treatment options with them

Deciding which treatment is best can be a very difficult and grueling process. There’s a lot to think about and with each option, there’s a discussion that must be had. Even before talking it over with them, research their options and give them a good and solid second opinion. Make sure the option they’re looking to go for is the one that right for them. You want them to have the best treatment.  

This doesn’t just mean medical treatments either. There are other complementary options that could help them as well. This includes acupuncture, massage therapy, nutritional counseling, yoga, or  fitness programs. These options can help them with the side effects of cancer and cancer treatment. Helping find what will work for them and doing the research is a great way to give your support.


Take care of yourself too

Taking care of yourself may sound like it helps you more than them, but it gives your loved one a strong support system. Giving your support and seeing a loved one battling cancer can take a large toll on you. By taking on a supportive role, you must keep up with your physical and emotional health. When you keep up with your health you’re more able to stay strong for your loved one and be fully present for them.

A lot of the ways you can keep up with your own emotional and physical health can be exercising and taking part in activities that you enjoy. These activities can also be done with your loved one, which is great way to keep up both of your spirits.