As 2018 rolls around, millions of people will set their New Year’s resolutions in pursuit to be a better version of themselves. People dream of having a healthy body, becoming a more successful person, and overall happier with where their life is. Chance are you want to make positive changes in your life for the new year too. This guide below offers suggestions to take in order to get your life in a healthier direction both mentally and physically for the year of 2018.

Stick to a Morning Routine

The truth is that it’s not easy sticking to a daily routine, let alone one in the morning bright and early. You may or may not be a morning person and that’s okay. You can still build a morning routine that you will be able to stick to. Having a steady morning routine will bring many positive benefits to your life. Start each day on the right foot by treating your body with care and mindfulness.

Your morning should begin by doing what’s best for you. A few tasks should include eating breakfast, taking a shower, and giving yourself 5 minutes to meditate and/or relax to prepare for your day.

Surround Yourself with Support

Although its extremely overlooked, believing in yourself is no cliche. In fact, its the most vital piece to being a better you in 2018. When you believe yourself, you’re giving yourself the emotional support your body and mind need. In addition to support yourself, you need to a solid support system from your friends and family.

In order to receive support, its important to make sure you give support. If you have a partner, giving and receiving emotional support is a critical factor in your relationship.

Get More Exercise

While getting exercise is a standard must for weight loss, it also proves positive benefits mentally in addition to the physical benefits. When you exercise, your body releases “feel-good” endorphins that tell your mind to be happy. In order to increase your physical and mental health in 2018, give yourself a standard exercise routine and you’ll notice a true difference.

Make Better Meal Choices

Just like getting exercise, having the proper diet provides your body the fuel it needs to be happy and healthy. Eating a steady diet full of fruits, vegetables, lean meats and protein is just what your body needs to be healthier in 2018. When you eat a healthy diet, you’re also ensuring a healthy mind.