As more research is conducted on cancer, and what genetic factors may correlate increased cancer correlations. From living a sedentary lifestyle to smoking, a wealth of research supports the concept that poor lifestyle choices can increase one’s risk of developing cancer. One study that was recently released found that those who grow to become taller than normal correlate with high rates of cancer.

Researchers for the journal, Proceedings of the Royal Society B did an analysis of 23 types of cancer to determine who may be at a higher risk of developing one of them in their lifetime. What they found, is that of the 23 types of cancer, 14 types had a strong correlation with a person’s height, particularly with those who are taller than the average person. To be more specific, every 4 inches in height was found to be associated with a 10 percent increased risk of developing cancer. Of the cancers that were studied, only four cancers showed no correlation to a person’s height, which includes pancreatic cancer, esophagus cancer, stomach cancer, and mouth cancer.

Do Doctors Know Why Height Is Correlated With Increased Risk?
The study could not specifically determine how exactly taller people carry a higher risk of cancer, but previous studies have produced some theories. The human body continuously produces cells throughout one’s lifespan, but at times, the cells can become mutated. Once mutated, they can begin spreading at an uncontrolled rate, indicating that the person has developed cancer. A theory is that taller people will produce more cells at a higher rate, and as a result, can mean that cancerous cells at a quicker rate. While this has been speculated in previous studies, it has yet to be proven.

Is There A Way To Reduce One’s Risk Of Cancer?
Like previously mentioned, cancer begins when a mutated cell starts to grow and spread out of control within the human body, making it difficult to treat if spread into other parts of the body. While some types of cancer cannot always be foreseen, lifestyle choices can greatly affect one’s risk. Examples of lifestyle choices that can decrease one’s chance of cancer include avoiding smoking, maintaining an active lifestyle, and eating healthy foods. While these are only a couple of steps to reduce the risk of developing cancer, they can help improve a person’s lifestyle.